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Human Resources or Marketing - On- the Job Trainee
Human Resources or Marketing - On- the Job Trainee Hello, First ever option in HR industry in Bangalore, we develop fresh interns, MBA\'s, Freshers into complete professionals by doing the following You generally pay to peruse any professional training that lack in presentation, on the Job training, analysis of performance, revenue generating capabilities, other soft skill. We on the other had have a breakthrough training program where you will be called a \"HR-traineeā€, for 6 months period, We provide HR Theory (Unlike in MBA programs) more of practical applications in the industry of IT / ITEs or NON-IT We have established industry standards training module for practical learning, like sourcing, headhunting, virtual communities and few more unique concepts which very few HR firms teach. We Put you on-the -job on a daily basis till 6 months for which you will be awarded a work experience certificate, as well a course completion certificate, at the end of the course. We will share with you the incentive if your performance is found satisfactory or executants. We can transform your level of thinking from a student to a professional. All you need to do is have commitment and patience to learn and implement in real. We can also provide projects in HR / Marketing for the final year candidates. We expect your trainees to get registered for this season stating from March - August. 2011. Fees: Do not be scared, this fees in returned to you in the form of stipend i.e. you will receive Rs.1000/- as a stipend every month till you finish the training i.e. for 6 months. Trainee pays Rs.10000/- out of which you will receive stipend as Rs.1000/- every month till 6 months, you have received Rs.6000/- Back and you just pay us for the course material, usage of technology, Expert trainers time and knowledge. Tea and coffee. SO, you should be excited to take this assignment forward we will be glad to help STUDENTS to be PROFESSIONALS. Welcome!! Best Regards Arvin: +91 9739175846
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