Careers India

JobsCafe is pioneer in designing HR solutions that cater to the needs of both the job seekers and the employers. The emergence of Indian IT and ITES sectors, Retails & Real Estates & Infrastructure, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare and other major manufacture and services sectors has turned India as a global destination for the career aspirants. JobsCafe has been relentlessly working to ensure best careers in India to the experienced professionals as well as to the fresh graduates.

The professionals, at JobsCafe, meticulously plan and design HR solutions that offer an efficient and appropriate solution to the manpower related needs of an organization. At the same time, it erects a platform to help jobseekers find best careers in India. This way, JobsCafe intelligently bridges the demand-supply gap in the job market.

Followings are the areas where JobsCafe has been working seamlessly to provide services to both the employing organizations and the employment searching youths:

Permanent Staffing - Our high-end permanent staffing solutions are perfect and are tailor-made to meet every client's requirements in recruiting manpower. Our permanent staffing programs cover the modalities of Executive Search & Headhunting, Campus Selection, Profile Researching and Generic Sourcing.

Temporary Staffing - JobsCafe understands the sudden short fall of manpower that an organization experiences now and then due to mass leaves, urgency to meet the deadlines or due to some unforeseen reasons. Our temporary staffing solution is just perfect to take care of such crisis situations. We take care of your temporary staffing requirements and provide you with the competent candidates to come out of a crisis.

We have also a unique solution that helps you to evaluate a temporary worker on the basis of his or her performance before offering him or her permanent placement.

Employee Leasing - The Employee Leasing solutions of JobsCafe offers you a widespread HR solution that includes payroll processing, tax filing and filing other essential statutory compliances such as ESI and PF. We also take care of employee records and devise employee benefit programs. The best part of our Employee Leasing solution is that you save yourself from maintaining a formal HR department while you enjoy all functionalities of the HR department.

JobsCafe provides you the best HR solutions. We offer a unique solution to the candidates to excel in the Indian job market.